“Aromas of stewed red fruit, pomegranate, and mint hold promise, but the whiskey is quiet, with subtle peach, unripe raspberry, apricots, and white flowers. White chocolate, cornbread, and biscotti flavors add a good deal of sweetness. The finish is pleasant and rounded.”

-Whiskey Advocate Magazine , Fall 2017




Three shores world whiskey

94 proof  | 47% ALC./VOL.

is all about a conversation within whiskey-making traditions. This "discourse" involves an international exchange with iconic whiskeys from three different countries: a highland scotch, our own American high-rye whiskey, and a deep, rich and smooth Canadian Whiskey.

The process starts by transferring two fully mature whiskeys, Highland Scotch and Canadian Whiskey, into American Oak barrels for up to one year of additional aging. This is when the integration begins. All three whiskeys have influence from the American Oak that will later contribute to the balance that we were able to achieve in this whiskey.

DISTILLER'S TASTING NOTES: "A whiff of smoke coupled with sweet sea brine on the nose of three shores starts the conversation. This is followed by a
spicy clove and cinnamon note, contributing a complexity mid-palate on its way to a lingering finish of rich, ripe pear and candied stone fruit."

"All three Whiskeys are top representations of their respective styles. The goal here was to create something that excels beyond the individual components—the sum is definitely greater than the parts in this beautifully-balanced spirit. Enjoy this conversation. I'm sure you'll agree that it gets all the more interesting when diverse opinions are bellied up to the bar."

-Kirby Kallas-Lewis


Good: a solid, well-made whiskey
— Whiskey Advocate Magazine

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