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The OOLA line-up

OOLA Distillery produces award-winning, small, hand-crafted batches of Vodkas, Gins, and Whiskeys. This is the real deal—spirits made with a sense of place and a connection to the people who grew the raw ingredients and the man who coaxed them into their more spirited forms—gins in which you can taste the botanicals, distinctive vodkas, and whiskeys that are flavorful and smooth.

Our flagship spirits

OOLA Vodka

Distilled from organic soft white winter wheat

OOLA Citrus Vodka

An invigorating infusion of Lemon Verbena

Waitsburg Barrel-Finished Gin

OOLA Gin transformed by aging in Bourbon barrels


OOLA Vodka base and an infusion of 13 botanicals

OOLA Rosemary Vodka

An herbal infusion with Tuscan Blue Rosemary

OOLA_cask_strength_Waitsburg Bourbon_numbers_2019.png


Uncut & unfiltered Waitsburg Bourbon Whiskey.

Waitsburg Bourbon Whiskey

A classic Bourbon with a four grain mash bill

OOLA Chili Pepper Vodka

A gentle heat with Hungarian Goathorn Peppers

The Whiskey Discourse Series

our experimental whiskey series

In June of 2015 we released the first whiskey in our Discourse Series.  This series refers to "conversations" in whiskey making traditions that are treated in innovative and unconventional ways.

Whiskey Discourse C

OOLA Bourbon transformed by finishing in a Cabernet Sauvignon cask

Smoked Whiskey

presents a "conversation" between the peated smokey notes of a beautiful Highland Scotch and our sweet, house-smoked American Whiskey

Three Shores World Whiskey

presents an international "conversation" with a unique blend of American, Canadian, and Scottish Whiskeys


Three Shores Black Label

Three Shores French Oak Cabernet Barrel-Finished Whiskey—currently SOLD-OUT at the distillery

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The ALOO line

our premium well spirits

The ALOO line grew out of a conversation with a Seattle bar manager who was tired of throwing away expensive packaging when they had a high volume selling cocktail.  He complained that when he went to a more friendly bottle (screw top, liter, lightweight glass, etc.) the juice was no longer any good. Eureka! We created the ALOO line with the packaging itself tailored to the bartender’s needs and the cost of packaging tailored to the account’s bottom line so they can use lots of it and keep the quality of the product absolutely top of the heap—that last bit is what sets us apart.

ALOO Vodka

our premium well Vodka


London Dry-style Gin with 13 botanicals

ALOO Chili Pepper Vodka

Your Bloody Mary’s new best friend!