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Looking for OOLA spirits? Our vodkas, gins, and whiskeys can be purchased in our Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA tasting room (and our Georgetown location-coming soon!), ordered online through one of the resources below, or in many of your favorite retailers across Washington and a handful of other states.

Check out our list of U.S. distributors & states that carry OOLA:

Sadly we aren't able to ship our spirits directly to customers, but we have a few retail partners that do:

Aries Fine Wines & Spirits


Max Liquor

our online store

While we CANNOT ship directly to customers, we do have an online portal available for ordering our spirits and merch for pick-up. Orders over $300 are eligible for delivery in the Seattle-metro area. Please contact us for more info.

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Looking for a specific OOLA product? Send us a message with your zip code and we’ll do our best to track down a bottle (or two) near you!

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