Rosemary Vodka

84 proof  | 42% ALC./VOL.

Faintly emerald in color with a citrus-y, herbal bouquet of Tuscan Blue Rosemary. We filter our vodkas once using minimal charcoal to retain the character of locally-sourced grain, while our fractioning still ensures a superior clarity and sharply-focused structure. Rosemary, a ubiquitous herb in the Pacific Northwest, is harvested by hand for peak freshness from local gardens. This vodka offers a finely textured finish with notes of caramel and vanilla.


92 points—Highly Recommended
— Kara Newman, Wine En thusiast
Recommended—Aromas of rosemary marinate, treated cedar, and white chocolate fudge with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a sweet-and-savory, Middle Eastern honeyed rosemary-cardamom pastry finish.
— Beverage Testing Institute

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