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est. 2010 seattle, wa


Founded in January of 2010, OOLA Distillery was one of the first distilleries to open in Seattle post-Prohibition. Located in Seattle's vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood, OOLA produces small, handcrafted batches of premium spirits.

Alongside OOLA Distillery's production facility is our tasting room with bottles available for purchase. Located adjacent to OOLA is 10 degrees, an event space designed by Graham Baba Architects. Initiated and created by dancer and choreographer, KT Niehoff, 10 degrees also serves as the home of KT's dynamic performance company, Lingo Productions.

Our Philosophy

At OOLA, we want to awaken your palette and inspire you to pause, reflect and ultimately savor the things that make life meaningful. Namely: Good friends. Deep relationships. Art in its many forms. People have been transforming humble grains in to noble spirits since the third century, and we proudly join this long line of adventurers, fools and alchemists.

Raise your glass to being above ground and lucky enough to enjoy it!

Giving back to our community is also very important to us. We’ve donated to hundreds of non-profits since our start in 2010.


Grain-to-Glass Spirits

OOLA Distillery produces small, hand-crafted batches of Gins, Vodkas, Whiskeys. This is the real deal—spirits made with a sense of place and a connection to the people who grew the raw ingredients and the man who coaxed them into their more spirited forms—gins in which you can taste the botanicals, distinctive vodkas, and whiskeys that are flavorful and smooth.

Our Founder

For owner and master distiller, Kirby Kallas-Lewis, OOLA is a labor of love, intellectual curiosity and commitment to the neighborhood he has called home for nearly three decades.

A former artist and tribal art dealer, Kirby has long been interested in the power that great food, wine, art, cocktails and entertaining have in connecting people to each other and to a place.

Kirby studied the art and science of distilling intensively (one could say he became totally obsessed) for about 3 years prior to jumping in with both feet and creating OOLA Distillery.

Our Grain and Ingredients

We embrace the grain-to-glass movement by making our vodkas, gins, and whiskeys from the finest grains available. Each year, we ferment and distill over 200,000 pounds of grain at our facility in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

The cornerstone of our Vodka is a soft white winter wheat, organically and "Salmon Safe" grown by a third-generation Washington family farm near the town of Waitsburg in Eastern Washington. Winter wheat is planted in the fall and it overwinters to be harvested in mid summer.

Soft white winter wheat is also present in our Waitsburg Bourbon Whiskey, along with Waitsburg-grown organic corn and locally-sourced barley and rye.

We use locally-grown herbs and plants for our infused vodkas.

Having local sources and a responsible ecological footprint is very important to us at OOLA Distillery.
— Kirby Kallas-Lewis

our equipment


about the name “OOLA”

OOLA is named after the greatest German Shepherd who ever lived—sorry, fellow dog owners, this is a non-debatable fact and completely unbiased.

Want more cute animal photos? Follow along with #friendofoola to see all of our four-legged friends!