cask strength*

waitsburg Bourbon whiskey

*Unproofed Bourbon, blended from choice barrels

variable 116-120 proof  | 58-60% ALC./VOL.

Choice barrels of our five-year Waitsburg Bourbon Whiskey are occasionally
selected for bottling. As with vintage wine bottlings, there’s no exact schedule
for these releases. At barrel strength our Bourbon presents an explosive
nose of concentrated spice and toasted sugars
. The finish is long,
with heightened aromas of toffee, bright cherry, fresh tobacco leaf, vanilla
bean and smoke. The spicy kick of a high rye content is balanced by
sweet, smooth corn and the unmistakably silky viscosity of organic
Washington soft white winter wheat. This meticulously handcrafted
Bourbon has mellow tannins even at high proof.


Our Cask Strength release offers the chance to taste Waitsburg Bourbon just as it comes out of the barrel. While some batches are a single barrel, most are selected from a variety of barrels—each with something subtly different to contribute.
— Kirby Kallas-Lewis, Founder/Head Distiller

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