Lend a helping paw

In honor of Memorial Day, we’re donating $5 from the sale of EVERY 750ml bottle in our tasting room to Brigadoon Service Dogs—specifically their Canines and Heroes for Independence program:

When teamed with a well-mannered service dog the veteran is able to receive a vitally important reality affirmation when the dog is summoned. Tactile stimulation can be very calming in stressful situations. In addition, the dog can be trained to nudge his partner to “snap” the veteran out of a frozen moment caused by anxiety, or wake him up from a nightmare or night terrors by turning on a light. In public situations, the veteran can give a cue for the dog to stand between himself and other people to reduce his anxiety.

So help us help Veterans by purchasing a bottle (or two…for your next paw-rty?) directly from the distillery. Want to help out, but can’t make it in to the shop? Follow the link below to purchase online (by 7pm on Monday, 5/27/19) during this special promotion and we’ll be sure to donate to Brigadoon for all bottles sold online!