ALOO Vodka

80 proof  | 40% ALC./VOL.

available in a 1 Liter glass bottle

ALOO is a crystal clear and crisp Vodka with a smooth, clean taste. This vodka finishes with a pleasant sweet note with an accompanying warm glow that reminds you it is Vodka. This high quality spirit is designed to occupy the Premium Vodka position in your Well.

ALOO Vodka is beautiful as a Martini and also perfect for mixing classic or signature cocktails.  

Your perfect choice when quality and price are important.

“Bright clear color. Minty, green, funky aromas and flavors of fresh agave, dried mint, aloe vera pulp, and ripe avocado with a round, crisp, dry thin body and a peppery, delightful, medium-long , dried coconut flake, white pepper, and lime zest finish. A fresh vodka with lush flavors.”

-Beverage Testing Institute


Highly Recommended.
— Beverage Testing Institute

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